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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moca, Puerto Rico had an Earthquake
5.7 on the Richter Schale, Sometimes even
a Tripod doesn't help!

May 16th 3 miles east of Moca Puerto Rico
had an Earth Quake, my last post was about photographing Lava Streams.
But what to do when the earth is moving, luckely it usually
isn't something you have to take into account when taking photographs.

In movie making I do know that they can make use of a 'SteadyCam'
to keep a camera fixed at one point. (even while moving arround.)

'Personally I prefer to avoid
collapsing earth masses or earth quakes'.

So if you want to take photo's without moving your camera,
you definitely want to use a tripod.

Only you better avoid Earth Quake areas.

Just Let Somebody Else Take the Perfect Shot for you!!!

I don't think it's a good Digital Camera idea to suggest to make
'Lava Photo's' like this yourself!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just One Little Tip for Outdoor Photography
with your Digital Camera.

Although it might not be your typical 'Outdoor Photography',
that I am talking about. As far as I know most Airports
are 'Outside' (or atleast outside the door)
I am just calling it 'Outdoors'
for the sake of creating
a catchy Blogpost Title....,


Some years ago I was - 'Outdoors'
- taking photo's very close to the runway
where the Planes where landing.
I picked a great spot where the Jumbo Jets
came flying over pretty close by.

While taking pictures, I was so caught up in it,
that I almost forgot my surroundings,
I saw the Big Jumbo Jet comming closer and closer,
and while making photo's I came
to realise that the engines of
a Jumbo Jet can be pretty loud!

'Than I noticed that this
particular Jumbo Jet
was really flying very low
and was more than close!'

So I begun to wonder:

'Was it just my imagination
or was I really beginning to feel
the heat from the Jumbo Jet Engines....?'

'And that sound of those engines,
wasn't it extremely loud?'

Than I looked over my camera,
and WOW...,

YES, it was very very very close!!!
Than I put my vingers in my ears and
jumped to the ground, an in the process
made a - unfortunately - not so impressive photo
of only an empty sky with only a tiny tip
of a Jumbo Jet Wing :)

'So just one little Tip,
to watch your surroundings
while taking photo's' :)

'Oh...., yeah..., and it goes without saying
that subscribing to an Outdoor Photography Magazine
can be an interesting idea also!!!'

Or else when you want to know
more about Photography
you can have a look at:
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