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Friday, July 28, 2017

Designing a Great Anniversary Book
As a Digital Camera Made Personalised Gift!

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Photography Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

As you could read
in a previous post about

Ideas for Creating

Personalised Photo Collages as Gifts.

Ready-Made Designs on Products
& Customizable Ones:

You probably already are somewhat familiar with
the special (customizable) designs on products
that you can buy in our
Edelhert Designs Studio-Webstore

We have many Designs on Products already
ready-made for you, and ones that need
just a little from your own
Writing - & Designs Skills

to Customize and Personalize....,

Writing - & Designing Skills
can also be very practical for
creating your very own Personalized Gift Product yourself!!!

You can also read more

Selecting Photos for
Personalised Gift Products

Making Your Own 50th Birthday Anniversary
Photo Book for Example:

For example for a 50th Birthday,

We recently created such a special gift and created
it into a Great fun special 50th Birthday Photo Book, with
great Photo's, Drawings, Funny stories etc. etc.

One of the Many great thing you can do
with your photos

Basically creating a 'bundle of Photo Collages'
turned into a Photo Book.

How We Created It:

I started with looking through loads of old photo's
and bundle them on themes, than making a list
with the amount of photo's I have on those specific

Also using that same list for writing little memories,
stories you remember about those specific themes
to insert among your photo's.

(or for example concert tickets, plane tickets,
vouchers from your hotel etc. etc.)

Than Choosing a somewhat logical approach to
string those themes together into a logical order.
And to make the Book not like a dusty 'black & white'
old picture story also included several brand new
recently taken photo's as well
to create a connection
with today.

Creating Your Own
Festive Products:

Feeling Great about

having - Stunning Napkins - for Your


A Great idea for your Festive Anniverary
is for example, making your own stylish
Customizable Napkins

(Or any of the many other Customizable Products
in Our Collections !)

With your customizable Name and/or
Your Own Text on it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Have A Look At A (Third) - BIGGER - Sample
of My E-Report about Making Money
With Your Digital Camera

Thanks - Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast -
for being on this blog again,

In Previous Blog Posts you could already have
some 'Sneak Peeks' with a few Small Samples
from this E-Report,
Sample 1 (about Online Webstores)

Sample 2 (already revealing 3 Inspiring Ways....,)

And TODAY you get
an other - BIGGER - Sample
of this E-Report,

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography

E-Report (BIGGER) Sample (Nr. 3):

Our Experience with Making Designs

for The Products in Our Web shops


How I started

When you read this eReport than you also must have a passion for photography, and love to travel like we do, don't you?

As a Student, I had all kinds of jobs to make some extra money to save for going on nice vacations. Some of those jobs where pretty exhausting ones! Like for example can you imagine working in a Snack bar/Ice-cream stand having two counters, having two lines of people constantly asking for your attention. Then I worked as a Professional Photographer and Mini-lab-operator for a one hour photo service at a Department Store.
Having Dead-lines for a publication and making promo materials for rush releases working at a Big Record Company could frequently be pretty stressful and exhausting!

So, going on vacations to nice exotic travel locations with great landscapes and beautiful nature was a welcome method to relax.

During that time, I begun to discover Blogging and created a Travel Blog.
I used the blog to report friends about my Travel Destinations. To improve my writing I took a comprehensive creative writing course and practiced my (descriptive) writing skills. I made a writing Blog and later several other theme specific Blogs. On the Travel Blog and Digital Camera Ideas I wrote about Stock Photography and later about Graphical Design.

My sister is also creative: she makes mosaics, paints porcelain and loves photography. She has taken several photography courses. She travels a lot and has a preference for Nature Photography.

At Edelhert Design Studio (EDS) we love Nature and want to let you experience this through our eyes. We find Magic and Inspiration in the smallest details and use that to turn it into spectacular graphical designs! We want to show the uniqueness of Nature so that everybody can see and feel that this is precious and has to be preserved.

We later created a special second webstore specifically with Travel Inspired Designs, Edelhert Design Travel (EDT). Like my sister, I love doing photography on travel locations, so we have a lot of great quality photography to use for our designs.

The Link to
The Store Again:

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography


Friday, July 14, 2017

Have A Look At A (Second) Small Sample of My
Digital Camera E-Report And Have A Look At
6 Pages Free Preview

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Photography Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

Check this Out!

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography

Sample 1
was about Online Webstores,

In this Blog Post
I show you an other Second Small Sample
of this E-Report.

E-Report (Second) Sample:

3) Photo Competitions
Enter Photo Competitions to win great photo equipment, prize money etc.
When you win you instantly get recognition for your photography.

4) Photo Blog
Create a Photo Blog to showcase some of your photo's, write about them and offer your services as a Freelance Photographer. It gives people an idea about your skills and kind of photography you practice.

5) Micro stock Sites
You can put your photos on Micro stock Sites and make money that way.
I have been a Photo Editor and I know that worldwide there are many Photo Editors
and Editors of publications that are looking for great photography.

Simply search online for Micro Stock Sites or Stock Photography.
You can easily find more information about such sites and a whole
new world of possibilities will open.

When you start you probably will not directly make a lot of money
with your photo's. However, the great thing about Stock Photography
is that when you make a study of which photos are in high demand
you can act on it. Make sure you have the right photos and
chances are that you can make money with some of
your photo's multiple times!

See More Samples:

More Samples

The Link to

The Store Again:

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography


More Samples will Follow Soon!

Entering Digital Camera Photo Contests,
Showing Your Work

Thanks Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
for Checking out our blog Today,

Have you ever entered any contests?
getting all excited, waiting for
the results
to come in...?

That's exactly the Digital Camera Idea that
I am talking about, Entering Photo Contests!

A Great Opportunity to Show Your Work!

You Can Have A Look At Some of
Our Examples:

Some time ago for the Tulpenroute-Dronten Photo Competition 2017
from the huge amount of submissions
they made a Selection of Photo's
to put on their website
, and

they Selected TWO
of our Photos!!!

ONE you see here above,
You can have a Look at them both
on our EDS Newsfact in the
Blog post titled:
2 of Our Photos Have Been Selected!

Nature Photography:

We use many of our Photos for Designs on

as you can read about in
the recent blog post titled:
Did You See Our Photography
On The Products That We Sell
In Our Web Stores?

Look At Some Of the - (Nature) Photography - Examples
That We Have In Our Webstores:

Look At Our
Photos On Products

and the ones you can discover in our
Travel Store:

Photos on Products
In Our Travel Store

Monday, July 10, 2017

Our Recent Latest Product(s) Sold
Is Our First Sale In the United Kingdom!

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

I am very pleased that I can show you that it's
really possible to actually Sell your Digital Photography Designs online!!!

Colorful Hornbill Birthday Postcard

Colorful Hornbill Birthday Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Our First Sale
In the United Kingdom!

As you can see in the Heading here above I
wrote Products in Plural because you actually
bought several of this Design in one time!

(Thanks for being an
Enthousiastic High Quantity Buyer ;))

It's a Birthday Card from the Hornbill, a photo that I took
in a Bird Park in Spain.

See More
Birthday Cards

See Birthday Cards from our Travel Store

See More Cards & Postage

Friday, July 7, 2017

More Latest - Digital Camera-Design - Products Sold....,

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,

Thanks for having you
as a guest on our blog again,

In a previous post I wrote about our

Latest products Sold, a Magnet from the Red Eyed Gaudi Frog

A - Travel Inspired Design - that Inspired us to also put it on several
other products
as you can read on our Travel Blog
in a Blog post titled:

We Also Have This Cute Red Eyed Gaudi Frog
On a Drawstring Backpack
and MORE!

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog Today!

Hello - Nature Lover - and Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
Thanks for being on this blog again...,

On This Blog You Can Read Great Digital Camera Ideas and
about some more 'Behind the Scene Creation'.

Have a Look At Our:

PHOTO GIFTS Collection

A Few Examples of Our - PHOTO GIFTS -
Look for All at This Link

On All our PHOTO GIFTS you can Add - Your Own Photo - in our Template(s)!

Gift Center
"TODAY is a Gift that's why they call it the Present!"

Have a Look - TODAY - (and Beyond) At Our Collections of:

And the - GIFT Collections - from the PEACOCK,
PHOTO GIFTS, TRAVEL Gifts, BOA Gifts, Selected Gifts, Business Gifts
--->>> Welcome on this Blog, and discover exciting..,
Fruitful Fun Photo Ideas,

Exciting Blog posts & More!!!,

Featured Posts:

10 Great Photo Tips, Discover Stock Photography, Bloggers Want Your Photo's!, Create Your Own Greeting Card Line, Create Personalized Photo Gifts,

Photo Competitions, DISCOVER Other Great Photo Frame Ideas!!!, - Photography Magazines, What To Do With Rejected Stock Photo's???, Making Promo Photo's, Discover The Greeting Card Market!!!, >>, >> Easliy Find: Hotels >>, Sunglasses, >>, Travel Bags,
Simply Scroll Down to find out more....,

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