Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dorm Room Wall Digital Camera-Ideas.

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

It goes without saying that you can make great big
fun photo collages for your wall.

Make Your Room
Feel Much Bigger!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Ginkgo Leaves
Nature Inspired Designs!

(you can read more about - Frogs - at: and on our
Travel Blog in a blog post titled:
Isn't This Frog Cute )

Designs We Made
from Ginkgo Leaves 

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Here above you see this Autumn Yellow Ginkgo Leaves Nature Inspired Design on
the Clothing here below you see Green Ginkgo Summer Leaves.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

Women's Basic Hooded Sweatshirt

Green Colored Leaves Pattern, 

Leaves Silhouette

by EdelhertDesignStudio

                                      Women's All-Over Print Racerback Tank Top

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Legging

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Legging

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Low Top Shoes

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Low Top Shoes

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See ALL CLothes & Shoes

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Did You Know That You Can
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To Get More Digital Camera Ideas:

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EDS Twitter Page

Using High Tech To Breathe
New Life Into Old Drawings

Sitting Dog Cartoon

Recently I had a look at some things I have
stored in my garage storage space, and In
an old Sketchbook of mine I did discover
several dog drawings, I made a study out of
looking at dogs,

When you study dogs for a while

I swear that you also will actually get to
know What Dogs are Thinking About!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Great CHRISTMAS Gift Idea: BLUE Hydrangea with white Border Serving Tray

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Photography Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

When you read about our

Stylish Bright Blue for Christmas you defintitely also

like to have a look at this!

                                    Printed in full color, blue and white floral pattern

It is a Great CHRISTMAS Gift Idea! 

You Probably already are familiar with Blue Hydrangea, you probably
have seen them frequently, in gardens everywhere!

                     Only this one is different this one has a - White Border -
                     and is one of our Most Popular Designs ! ! !
Hydrangea Serving Tray

Sunday, November 18, 2018

for Christmas!!!

We love Hicking and,

Did you know that we also
recently started again with our

And guess what we also do.., 

When walking, we frequently make
Photos along the way
, we are Passionate about our Digital Photography
and we make special effort to make great looking Photos
for things like Our Special Designs On Products,
Photo Competition Submissions
and Photos for the Photo Collages for our

 #Naturewalksinwinter Series, that we have
on Our Twitter Page and,

like for example this Great Looking Blue Corn Flower
you can see here below for our Inspired by Nature Series that we also
have on Our Twitter

                                  (as you can see Beauty is Everywhere for Nature Lovers)

Excellent - Bright Blue - Gifts
for Christmas!

Already getting Curious…?

O.K. Drum Rolls,

We Not only Have Beautiful bright blue color
Corn Flower Photos, we also have great
Bright blue in our

Peacock Gifts Collection

Like for example our

Popular Perfect Christmas Gifts;

Perfect Christmas Gift Nr. 1

Peacock Feathers Bright Desk Business Card Holder
Peacock Design Card Holder Christmas Gift

Peacock Feathers Bright Desk Business Card Holder

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Holds Approximately
30 Standard Business Cards

Perfect Christmas Gift Nr. 2

Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock
Peacock Design Clock Christmas Gift

Lightweight but solid, 

and, last but definitely not least 

Perfect Christmas Gift Nr. 3

Peacock with Feathers Keepsake Box
you see here below:

Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box
Peacock Design Keepsake Box Christmas Gift

Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box

by EdelhertDesignStudio

This is High Quality, Interior Lined with black velvet-like fabric,
Mahogany - colored Wood, a Treasure for Keepsake Moments! 
                    To hold your Watches, Jewlery, Photos and other Trinket.

Will be Treasured by the Recipient, as one of

                  The Most Precious 

                                   -  CHRISTMAS -  Gifts ever!

Black Friday is Approaching....., 

See More
Peacock Design Gifts

Also See Our Most Recent Peacock Designs!

NOT a Peacock design and also
Great Bright Blue is our Blue Hydrangea with White Border Service Tray that you
definitely must see! 

Have a Look at it in this blog post titled:

Blue Hydrangea
with white border

See other Great CHRISTMAS Gift Ideas;

See ALL Our Newest Designs!


For example see this
Celebrity Blue Eyes Cat!

                                           (Thanks for
                                            Re-Tweeting & Liking)


See Our Most Recent TWEETS

Thursday, November 15, 2018

ZOO Puzzles:
Beautiful Christmas Gifts
for Naturelovers

Amazing Looking ZOO Photos on Puzzles! 

You might wonder what - kind - of Puzzles we have, 

We have made Designs for

TWO kinds of Puzzles,

1) Big Ones: 20" x 30" with 1014 pieces

2) Acrylic Ones: 8" x 10" with 60 pieces

And you might wonder - what -
Great Wildlife Photography ZOO Puzzles we have for you……? 

See one of the Examples here below: 
Zoo Puzzle: Cute Giraffe Face Jigsaw Puzzle
Giraff Photo Design Puzzle Christmas Gift

Zoo Puzzle: Cute Giraffe Face Jigsaw Puzzle

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Colorful Nature Inspired Design, ZOO Wildlife Photography,
Puzzle with great quality Giraffe Face Photo, well fitting pieces.

We took these Giraffe Photos in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

(Thanks for Placing

- Your - Re-Tweets and Likes!!!)

More Beautiful
ZOO Photo Puzzles for Christmas Gifts: 

Black Friday is Approaching....., 
You can See More Examples,

From other ZOO Puzzles with for example a

Toucan Face or a Penguin Face


Also SEE Our;

Christmas Holiday Collection

from our Edelhert Designs Studio (EDS
(or Great Gifts from our Edelehert Design Travel store (EDT)

We have Highly Special CHRISTMAS Gifts
for amung others, Creative Music Makers, Photographers, Travelers, Writers, 
and Foodies!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Beauty is Everywhere for Nature Lovers
that Have an Eye for It.

Recently when my Sister had a conversation
with a colleague and fellow - Naturelover - about

Our Photography and Our Colorful Nature Inspired Designs she got
a Surprised Reply
about the fact that although we also have
many Photos from far away, from places like,

  Costa Rica, and Peru,

And also in other great remote places like,
amung others South Africa

While t
he thing is, 

that we also have many of our Photos taken in
The Netherlands

Do you have any idea about the places
we have been in our own country?

Here's the deal, 

We also made many beautiful photos for example In A Nearby Park,
in Nature Park Lelystad, National Park De Hoge Veluwe,
and amung others The Artis ZOO in Amsterdam and

            Want to know the best part? 

Several of our Best Photos are also
taken in

Our own Garden ! as you can for example
see from the many Likes the
Photo here below got!!! 

            (BTW thanks for Liking
              and Re-Tweeting!)

(BTW to See this Cats BRIGHT BLUE EYES, you defintitely
want to have a look at Stylish Bright Blue for Christmas)

Or Photos taken from the Garden....,

(We Even Made A Harron Postcard Design
from Our Harron Photo that you can also send as an E-CARD ! ! ! )

and from other places Close to Home

Like for example as you can see in our
Close to Home;


That you can see amung other things in our

TWEETS, our Photo Competition Submissions,
and on Products in our 

                    Online Webstores:

Edelhert Design Studio


Edelhert Design Travel

                     like our Panoramic Landscape Coffee Mugs

Panoramic Heathland Trees in Fog Mug
EDS Panoramic Landscape Coffee Mugs

Panoramic Heathland Trees in Fog Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio 

                                                 Beautiful Experience the Mysterious Morning Fog, the beautiful                                                           trees and landscape with the sun trying to shine through the fog.

                             Clean & Crisp Looking Photo, Keeps good in the Dishwasher! 

                      Such Special Design Coffee Mugs are 

                          Great Gift Idea to Get or to Give

See More Panoramic
Landscape Coffee Mugs

You can see that you don't always have to go far away to discover,
Great Photo Opportunities, if you have an eye for it!

The Photos in the TWEETS here above are Good Examples

Monday, October 8, 2018

We Made a Photo Collage from
Several of Our Red Deer Photos

Recognise Our LOGO...???!

With several other photographers (some) with heavy gear,
and big telelenzes we did gather to take Great Looking Pictures.

This is what it feels like to be a Real Photographer,
being Surrounded by several other Photographers really taking the time,
and Waiting for the Right Moment, to take the Perfect Shots!

Shots that will do nice in one of our
Many Specially Designed Photo Frames

At first there was Silence and not a Deer in sight
than after waiting more than half an hour there
seemed to be Some Sounds, and after waiting

even longer our 'Famous Movie Stars'
finally arived and where ready for their Close-ups!


Notice that in the Photo in the Top Left Corner 
of this Collage, there are TWO Deers  
seemingly attempting to Climb a Tree! 


Thanks for Liking and Re-Tweeting!

Great Photos just as we had at an other location in Nature Park Lelystad
when we took Sunning Photos from and Other Type of Deer
the Pater-Davids Herten

Read more EDS Newsfacts on EDS-Newsfacts

This is the Photo, and
the Postcard We Made from It

As you know we make Great Looking Photos
for things like winning Photo Competitions
and to make designs to put on Products

like for example as you can read here below,
on Greetingcards and Postcards….,

Honeysuckle -Get Well Soon- Postcard
EDS Honeysuckle Photo Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.6"; qualified USPS postcard size
High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
Available in a semi-gloss or matte finish

This Is An Other Great Photo
Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard
EDS Birthday Postcard Grey Heron

We Made Into A Great Looking Postcard!

(Also a Photo that will look great in
any of our great looking  Specially Designed Photo Frames )

Back Side of the Postcard

Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard
Back of Postcard with Scannable QR-Code

Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard

by EdelhertDesignStudio

On the Back of the Card is a Practical Scannable QR-Code
to easily go to the site without having to type the whole

EdelhertDesignStudio Webstore url.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

The Photo I Took for Our
TRAVEL Notebook Design

Orange Juice Travel Destination Notebook
Travel Notebook ED Travel

I have seen that you frequently write about your Travel Photography and other
Interesting and Inspiring Travel Related Topics in your TWEETS, as I can see
on Our TWITTER Page It is also a Topic that I enjoy to write about.

It is something that helped to Inspire me to do Travel Photography myself,
and to create this Special Travel Destination Notebook here above.

This Notebook provides you an Excellent way to Show 
YOUR own Personal Style!!! 

Here you see some of the - Symbols - of a Great Relaxing Travel Destination, the
nice Cool Drink, the Terrace Table, the Blue Sky, a Little Boat,
                                      and the Sun Glasses.

                                      You Don't Want to Go On Your Travels
                                      Without a Great Looking Travel Notebook,
                                      Like this Perfect One for taking notes, and Writing About
                                      Your General Travel Adventures.

GoAhead Look at it
in the Webstore

Orange Juice Travel Destination Notebook
by Edelhertdesigntravel
(BTW See that You Can Also Buy This Design As a PLANNER)

An INSPIRING Note Book like the one here above
with Sunglasses the 'Relax Holliday Vibe', the Sunny Blue Sky,
and the Orange Juice Drink at a terrace table,
can be practical to jot down ideas,

or write about: your Visits, Hicking Adventures, Art, Architecture,
Top Food Spots, Restaurant Visits at
the Best Restaurants,
for Foodies etc..... in other words:
your SPECIAL Travel Adventures!

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Stunning Looking Bird!

As you probably know when you read our blog post titled:

We Also Recently Created A Special Castle PUZZLE

For our Photography we frequently visit interesting
places to take Photos like for example locations

where you can discover intersing old buildings
like the MUIDERSLOT and
the Stunning Looking Bird
you see here above!

Great Looking BIRDS in Other
On Our Postcards!

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Discover How You Can Get
Our Art On Your Wall

Art Prints

LOOK In Our Store At FineArtAmerica

As you probably know we, (and just like you as a Twitter Follower)
have an interest in amung other things - Travel -

and it often gives great opportunities for making

great Photos. (BTW you can read more about Travel on our Travel Blog
where you can discover amung other things about Travel Inspired Nature Photography/Designs,
from the EdelhertDesignTravel)

As you can see on the Photo Competitions Page
near the top of this blog, we also frequently make photos for

Photo Competition Submissions
and occasionally also actually Win FIRST PRIZE In Photo Competions!!!

Not Only For On Your Wall:

From this photo we even created Several Other Products

For example the Special Round Beach Towel you See here Below:

See Round One (and other Products) In Our Webstore

LOOK at more example

in a Blogpost titled:

Things To Take With You At the Beach

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Some Of Our

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!!

Don't MISS Out On
This Great Opportunity!

Just Imagine Sitting in the Garden, being one of the first to  

have your Cool Drink served from this Great Looking 

SUMMER TIME Serving Tray..., 

A Cute Sunglasses Wearing Meerkat Product
You Definitely Want to Have...!

Summer Time Meerkat Customizable Serving Tray
Summer Time Meerkat Customizable Serving Tray by EdelhertDesignStudio
Browse another Serving Tray online at Zazzle,
see more of

Get Curious About
Our Other Great Looking
Serving Tray Designs!!!

Something about the Designs:

Besides our Special Beach Life Designs as you could read about on our Travel Blog in a Blog post titled: 'Things to Take with You at the Beach'   we also have a lot of Special SUMMER TIME Designs!

Many of the - SUMMER TIME - Designs are not only Colorful Nature Inspired Designs, the also
have special Cartoon Style Elements like for example

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Easily Make Unique Personal
Photo Gifts with Your Digital Camera!

Make yourself Personalised Photo Gifts!

'It Frequently Can Be a Challenge

To Find Suitable Gifts
for Family or Friends

Look no further and just DIY!!!
When you are like me, you will frequently
have lot's of photos from all kinds of
situations and events...., that might be suitable to create your own Personalized Gift!  

We frequently make our own Photos, for Photo Competitions

(See Photo's that we Submitted for a
Photo Competition
Or besides Photos for Photo Competitions, making Photos
for example from Travel, Friens and things like

Nature Photography:

Here above a - Photo Collage - from our Nature Photography
from Gran Canaria, we had hanging
at an Art Exhibition

Some of such Photos you can use as Designs for
Customizable Products, to Personalize your Gifts.

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog Today!

Hello - Nature Lover - and Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
Thanks for being on this blog again...,

On This Blog You Can Read Great Digital Camera Ideas and
about some more 'Behind the Scene Creation'.

Have a Look At Our:

PHOTO GIFTS Collection

A Few Examples of Our - PHOTO GIFTS -
Look for All at This Link

On All our PHOTO GIFTS you can Add - Your Own Photo - in our Template(s)!

Gift Center
"TODAY is a Gift that's why they call it the Present!"

Have a Look - TODAY - (and Beyond) At Our Collections of:

And the - GIFT Collections - from the PEACOCK,
PHOTO GIFTS, TRAVEL Gifts, BOA Gifts, Selected Gifts, Business Gifts
--->>> Welcome on this Blog, and discover exciting..,
Fruitful Fun Photo Ideas,

Exciting Blog posts & More!!!,

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