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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

See the - BANNER - for Our Brand New Webstores BEAUTY Collection ! ! !

That's the great thing with Digital Photography 

You do all kinds of Amazing things like working with 

Multiple Layers of Images as you can see in the Brand New BANNER 
for our Brand New BEAUTY Collecion in our Webstore

BEAUTY Collection
BEAUTY Collection
by EdelhertDesignStudio

As you can see In this Tweet here Above, Our Recently Created 

Grew Insanely Quick as with Lightning Speed, after we recently Launched it in August ! 
You can Read more about it in our Blog post titled: New Board On our Pinterest: BEAUTY !

It is a - HUGE - Success with many of You Saving Our Pins

Growing our Pinterest with 

More than 400 % ! ! !

Because of that we created a Special Brand New 

for you in our Webstore !

With a great looking BANNER as you can see here Above ! 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Cute Birds Taking a Bath, and Our Upcoming
NEW Collection: The BATHROOM Collection !

I just had a look at this - Liked & Retweeted - Last Months TOP-Tweet, 
on our Twitter Page, at these cute birds taking a bath, and 

We saw many of you Enthousiastic about our 

Bathroom Accessories Designs, with you saving our Pins, and also actually Buying for example our Great Looking 

It's not even that long ago that we created this Special 


Read More About Our BATHROOM ACCESSORIES Pinterest Board 

In this Blog post !


Or have a look at it In our Webstore by clicking the link here below: 


Because of the Success Of our 

BATHROOM ACCESSORIES Pinterest Board....., 

As we speak at the moment we just finished making a Banner 

for a 

New Collection in our Webstore

The Bathroom Collection ! 

You get a Preview of this Banner Here Below !  

Stay Tuned…., 

NEW amung

Our Collections S O O N ! ! !

Monday, August 10, 2020

- FROGS - Do Keep On Being Photogenic
As You Can See In This Months Recent TOP Tweet ! ! !

As you know we have a special Twitter Page we like you to Follow....,
So you can easily Keep Up to Date with some of  

the things that we have going on

and you can easily see our Latest, Tweets & Blog posts etc. etc. 

Today I discovered that Our Most Recent TOP Tweet 
is the one with the - FROG - you see here below:  it's a Tweet about Keeping Cool..., 

(PS. also DISCOVER this pretty - Hilarious - even more recent Tweet
Showing How a Squirrel Keeps Cool ! ! !

BTW you can Discover Many More - Entities - that are Photogenic ! 
In this Blog post titled: 


As you could See in a very recent blog post titled: 

An Other Example of Our Nature Inspired Postcards 

and this recent post titled: Brand New Nature Inspired Happy Birthday Postcard !...…, 

Nature Inspires us to Create our Designs, As you can also see in the example here below: Cute Frog DIY Postcard

See Many More FROG-Designs !


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Brand New Nature Inspired
Happy Birthday Postcard !

Here Above you see Camels on the Photo  Collage,

Also see this recently created Special - Nature Inspired - 
Happy Birthday Postcard the One you see here below:

See Many More Great Looking 

Specially Designed 

Post- & Greeting Cards

We didn't actually take the Photo for our Design in the Sahara, to Discover where,
Read more about this Particular Postcard at the - About this Design - Section on the Product Page, and on our Writing Blog in a Post titled:

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Photographing Little Swans Getting Bigger

As you can see 

Beauty is Everywhere for Nature Lovers that Have an Eye for it,

We frequently Go To Special Places to take our Photo's.
For this Photo we didn't have to go very far.

Read more in This TWEET about it

See More Of Our 

Happy Birthday Cards

DISCOVER How You Can Share Our Cards 

On Social Media or Send as E-Cards ! ! !

Friday, July 17, 2020

Create Your Own Digital Camera Made
Greeting Card Line!

An other Exciting

Digital Camera Idea for you!

How about.....,

Creating your own Postcards or Greeting Cards

A Photo Shoot with Colorful Models !

Recently I did a little - Photo Shoot - in the
Garden to Amplify that….,

Our Coloful Nature Inspired Designs make you 

- FEEL - Part of Nature !  

(This Purple Summer Flowers Latte Mug here above
 gets Views at the Moment

We have Several Special Latte Mugs Collections, like this 

Latte Mugs - Animals - Collection here below: 

Latte Mugs Collection
Several of our Most Popular Latte Mugs

Latte Mugs Collection

Thanks for Buying Our
Matching Designs:

The Two Cute White-Brown Cows  you see in the

Latte Mugs Collection here above, and the Matching Serving Tray
You see here below, are together with our Special Flower Design Table Runner
- ALL - amungst some of our

Latest Products SOLD

Two Cute White-Brown Cows Serving Tray
Models, a little less expensive as Kendal Jenner or Gisele Bundchen

Two Cute White-Brown Cows Serving Tray

by EdelhertDesignStudio

While the Photo here above was taken nearby Hilversum/'s Graveland,
Cows relaxing in the Meadow…….., 

Here Below you see a little Photo Spread of some of the Photos
we shot in the Garden on a Sunny Day:

Thanks for your Comments, Likes & Retweets !

The - Keep Fit - Garden Cat also wants to be a Model
as you can see in this recent Tweet:

BTW Discover How this - DOG - Did Get a Real Modeling Carreer !

Thanks for your Comments, Likes & Retweets !

See More Of Our 

Most Recent Tweets

Read How We Made - This - Special BANNER for our Latte Mugs Collection! 

Realated Blog Posts:


Coffee Breaks, Colorful Birds, Latte Mugs & More !

How To
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Your Own TWITTER Page: 

To easily Share this Digital Camera-Ideas Blog with friends to tell them 
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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Nature Photography also
Helps to Inspire Creating Our Caroons

Thanks for Your Commenting, Liking, Retweeting ! 

Discover More About Digital Photograhy

The Bumble Bees keep on Beeee-ing Popular,
as you can see from our Current TOP-Tweet you see here above.

As you know "Nature is our Inspiration" and just as the Beeeeez are attracted to flowers, we keep on making attractive new designs for you, as you can see at our Latest Products Created and for that we have been Inpired by Bees before, and Some time ago we also for example Tweeted about them as you see here below:

In the Photo here above you also see our 
between the Flower Seeds, during a Community Activity promoting

attracting Bees & Butterflies.

Read More About this Bumble Bee Design in this Previous Blog post.

We frequently provide Newsfacts by Writing

Twitter Tweets

Last year 2019 we created a highly special Cute Bumble Bee Cartoon, 

initionally because somebody wanted such a designs on a T-Shirt, to perfom a song about a Bumble Bee for promoting attracting more Bees. 

The Song was for a Special Living Room Perfomance.

When you look carefully in the image here above you can also see
- One of Our Bumble Bee Designs - Hanging beside the Flower Seeds,

We did put this design 

- ON - a few Products

like for example
on this

Although it starts to get a little more possible to
Drink Coffee elswere, like you can read about
in This Tweet from some time ago although,

it's also nice to have great looking
Latte Mugs that make you feel part of Nature
from our Latte Mugs Colletions.

You can also See/Read more from/about our Latte Mugs in

this previous blog post titled:

A Photo Shoot with Colorful Models !

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Beach Towels, Bestseller,
& New Designs !

This PHOTO here Below, is our
Bestselling Beach Towel:

Yesterday we created 3 New Ones
See Our Latest Products Created

See Our Beach Towels Collection

Beach Wear Ideas VIDEO ! 

Although an actual Fouta is not
the same as a Beach Towel, the Video here below Does give you a
Few ideas about how you can Fold a Beach Towel into Fashionable Beach Wear !

Here Below You See a Few Of Our 

Beach Towel Designs You Like: 

(Obviously we also have many Vertical Designs, only to Easily Show you Several of them,
 I Lined Up Some of our Horizontal Designs for you)

For this last one I actually am in the Fotoshoot Myself ! ! !

Read More:

We also have several special

Circle Shape Beach Towels ! ! !

As you can see amung our Edelhert Design Travel Pinterest Boards in 

Our - Beach Towels - Board.

You can Click the Beach Towel Image,

to learn more about this Beach Towel, Or

Go Directly To It 
With This Link

and you can even have a look at it 


if you like !

(simply click the 3D-icon on the left of the Beach Towel Image,
wait a few seconds to load, and than you can move it around
with your mouse ! ! !) 

See Our Beach Towels Collection

We also have many Other Beach Products:

also see 

(You can also See them on Page 20 of 

our YEARBOOK 2018)

Palm Trees Beach Life Legging

See things to Take with You At the BEACH

See Our Beach Towel Collection

See ALL Recent Designs

Related Blog posts:

Blaricum Beach

Things To Take With Your At the BEACH

We have Sand Yachting Design Beach Towels, Backpacks & More!

Our Brand New Beach Towels are Already Viewd A Lot!

How To Get the Most From your Cool Drink

Jogging on Gran Canaria

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog Today!

Hello - Nature Lover - and Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
Thanks for being on this blog again...,

On This Blog You Can Read Great Digital Camera Ideas and
about some more 'Behind the Scene Creation'.

Have a Look At Our:

PHOTO GIFTS Collection

A Few Examples of Our - PHOTO GIFTS -
Look for All at This Link

On All our PHOTO GIFTS you can Add - Your Own Photo - in our Template(s)!

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