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Monday, June 12, 2017

Looking More Closely

Thanks for Checking out our Blog

This morning - Initially - I saw no change at
the Latest Products Sold in our Webstore,

To be honest I actually was a little disappointed
that I only saw the recent Latest Product Sold

Red Eyed Gaudí Frog,

That's what I thought Initially,

Than looing more closely, I was somewhat excited
to discover that it actually has been just
an other sale from the Same Frog!

and I am starting to believe the
Symbolism behind it :)

Read more about

Frog Symbolism

Monday, May 15, 2017

Check out this Practical E-Report that you can Preview

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography

In the Lulu Storefront you can click
the Link
- Preview - right below the book cover
to look at the Free Preview
of the first 6 pages.

In the right corner of the Preview screen
you can click the arrow buttons to
change pages.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ideas for Creating
Personalised Photo Collages as Gifts.

Photo Fun:

'It Frequently Can Be a Challenge

To Find Suitable Gifts
for Family or Friends

Look no further and just make
yourself Personalised Photo Collages

In this blog post you can read more
about how you can do it'

Spring Time Inspiration!


Frequently Inspiration for New Designs:

We frequently get sudden bursts of Inspiration
for new designs

For example

since 'Spring is in the Air', we got inspiration from some of the
great crocusses we have seen along the way in our neigbourhood area.

Resulting in offering you

Crocusses Leggings with Pattern Designs.

To complement this we also created

matching T-shrits,
and Floral Flip-flops. we also
have several great  Floral Sunglasses

and Floral Pens

Here below See Some of Our New Designs:


For T-shirts:

Purple Crocuses Spring Flowers V-neck T-shirt

Purple Crocuses Spring Flowers V-neck T-shirt

For Leggings:

by EdelhertDesignStudio


White Crocuses Spring Flowers Leggings

White Crocuses Spring Flowers Leggings

by EdelhertDesignStudio
Purple Crocuses Spring Flowers Leggings

Purple Crocuses Spring Flowers Leggings


Follow Us On Twitter:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

At Edelhert Design Studio You Can Discover a
Variety of - BIRD - Designs.

As you probably already know,
At the Edelhert Design Studio
we enjoy to contiously create new Nature Inspired Designs,
You will for example frequently see

A Variety of Birds among our designs.

Especially the Funny Talking Parrot and Peacock Designs are in demand,
and because of that it deserves a special

Funny Talking Parrot


Peacock Collection!

Look at
All Collections!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Working On a Specialty
Photo Stock Collection


'It's great to have you
on this blog,'

In this Blog post you can read about making
photo's for some special markets
, and also tell
about the special Photo Stock Collections,

and you can't only read this blog post
you can also actually write your own
Comments & Replies....,'

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Easily Make
Unique Personal Photo Gifts!

Nature Photography:

Here above a - Photo Collage - from our Nature Photography
from Gran Canaria, we had hanging
at an Art Exhibition

You can also have a look at Our TWO photo's
that have been selected for a Photo Competition that we did submit
photo's for, read more about it in a
blog post titled:

Our Photo's for
the Photo Competition

When you are like me, you will frequently
have lot's of photos from all kinds of
situations and events....,

Doing Something
Special with Your Photo's:

'It Frequently Can Be a Challenge

To Find Suitable Gifts
for Family or Friends

Look no further and just make
yourself Personalised Photo Gifts

In this blog post you can discover some
examples for Gifts and

To give you some Inspiration you can discover
Some of Our Own Latest Designs at the

Edelhert Design Studio

For Example:

Panoramic Landscape
Coffee Mugs:

Panoramic Daffodil Flowers Mug

Panoramic Daffodil Flowers Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See All Panoramic
Landscape Coffee Mugs

See All
Coffee Mug Designs

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Making off the
Customizable Toucan Bird Baby Bib

You can choose your own background color
and text.

Self-made Art

This is a selfmade Mosaic Artwork of a (fantacy) Toucan.
The first encounter in the wild with a Toucan was in Mexico
and a few years later in Costa Rica.

It's a beautiful and colorful bird that provided
the inspiration to make it into a colorful Mosaic,

Seeing The Bird
Come to Life!

Although it's more a combination of a fantasy parrot and toucan.
(because the actual beak from a Toucan is slightly different)
Every piece of tile is cut with a tile cutter. It's a lot of work
and it takes a while before an artwork is finished.

Here below you see some 'Behind the Scene Images'
from the bird coming to life.

I hope you like the result!

Dorm Room Wall Ideas.

It goes without saying that you can make great big
fun photo collages for your wall.

Make Your Room
Feel Much Bigger!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Create Your Own Greeting Card Line!

How about.....,

Creating your own Postcards or Greeting Cards
Here below you can find some info about:

'Greeting Card & Slogan Writing'

Thank you all for your Support, Design Fans,
Supporters, Buyers, Zazzle Community!

Thanks for visiting this blog today,
Thanks for Buying our T-Shrits, Pens, Buttons,
Greeting- & Postcards,
Coffee Mugs etc. etc.

and for using the Social Share Buttons
On our Blogspots, and in our Webstores.

We already had some buyers
at the Start of this Year!

It's great to see that even while there might have been
a little 'Christmas Dip' directly after Christmas,
this year did already start with some of
you buying our designed products!

(Feel free to for example discover our
Funny Talking Parrot Collection)

Although we did somewhat expect you to find your
way in our webstore(s) again because we made an
extra effort to make visiting a great experience for you,

with our special collections,
specially designed seasonal storefront banners and
Zazzle makes the whole buying & delivering process
easy to understand, and run smoothly.

Also Thanks for
Your Feedback & Support:

You can Easily
Send us a Message:

We recently included a Contact Form
in the Left Side Bar of this Blog,

It makes it super easy to send us a message,
we also have Social Share Icons on our blogs
and in our web stores you can use
to tell friends about us.

You Can Also
Follow Us On Twitter!

EDS Twitter Page
( <-- also see Link in Left Side Bar)

And Find Us
On Pinterest!

EDS Pinterest Page
( <-- also see Images in Left Side Bar)

Looking at your Feedback we have gotten
many practical Tips & Ideas from you
we frequently take into account.

Some Examples from
Your Feedback:

To give a few examples, browsing through
some of your emails and feedback:

* Your designs are colorful, you should
designs for a youthful audience, so we made
among other things:

Kids School Collection
Kids Animal Phone Cases (see Left Side Bar)
Kids Fashion

* idea for business gifts collection

* forwarding holliday cards to a tourguide
concerning the Travel Inspired Designs on our
special Edelhert Design Travel Web Stores.

* Explaining the uniqueness and extra value of special design
with using special techniques like for example

using the special design tool for creating - Tiles - from our images
and a combination of various
other special design techniques, that justify the somewhat
higher prices
compared to mass production.

* the idea to offer the Music Octopus T-shirt
also with a Customizable Text you can place in the
Base Drum of the design. (for a Drummer Grand Child)

Music Octopus Customizable Kids T-shirt

Music Octopus Customizable Kids T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Music Octopus Customizable Men's T-shirt

Music Octopus Customizable Men's T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

We also frequently get tips for interesting
photo location for taking photo's for example
for the panoramic blossom see through
coffee mug.
A Coffee Mug that Instantly gives
you the feel of a 'Walk in the Park'.

Here Below Our Most Popular
Specially Designed Coffee Mug:

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See More Coffee Mugs

Support from
the Zazzle Community:

Last year we even had some of you designers in the
Zazzle Community buy our products and actually
promote our products by becoming re-sellers
of our products yourself!

We also appriciate the support from other people
in the Zazzle Community that for example offer
their specific promotional platforms like for

for Sharing our Collections:

for Sharing our Gifts on:


Our Popular Peacock Pen is on it also and you can also find us on
for example other more specific blogspots like on
Home Décor Blogspots:

Or for on even more specific product
blogspots like for example on:

Or Our
Customizable Pet Bowl


Running Dog Cartoon Cust. Text & Color Pet Bowl

Running Dog Cartoon Cust. Text & Color Pet Bowl

BTW you can see an actual customized
Pet Bowl in our Tweet about it!

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Saturday, February 18, 2017

You Can - VOTE - For The Best Cartoon!

Hearts Photo Coffee Mug Brown

Hearts Photo Coffee Mug Brown

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Cartoon Designs
You Can - VOTE - for:

Here above you can see one of our EDS
Cartoon Designs, there are also

3 other Cartoons figures you can discover
on this blog.

Here in the Left Side Bar you can
Vote for the one(s) you like the most.

P.S. at the Bottom you can also discover
a Practical Contact Form for asking

Friday, February 17, 2017

Using High Tech To Breathe
New Life Into Old Drawings

Recently I had a look at some things I have
stored in my garage storage space, and In
an old Sketchbook of mine I did discover
several dog drawings,

Dog Poses:

Years ago when I drew them I drew them very
quickly to study all kinds of dog poses,
and dog details.

Look At A Customized Example
In our Twitter Post!

See an Example Customized Pet Bowl,
Meet the Dog Puppy Scott!

Since the drawings where a little sloppy and
in black and white, now with the help of
the computer I can breath new life into them
by improve those sloppy drawings, scale them
and give them color.

It's pretty exciting to see how
those old black & white drawings come to life,
because many of them I have never before
seen in color myself!

Here below you can see two other examples of
New designs I created:

Dog Face Cartoon Tank Top
Dog Face Cartoon Tank Top
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Sitting Dog Cartoon Luggage Suitcase
Sitting Dog Cartoon Luggage Suitcase
by EdelhertDesignStudio

I also did the same with an
Octopus Cartoon Character of mine
you can read more about it in a blog post

Sunny Wather,
Culinary BBQ's,
New Designs!

Talking About Color:

At EDS we also happen to have a special

Coloring Plate Postcards

It Goes without saying
that we also have

Lots Of Other Greeting-
& Postcards (Also with Color!)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Especially for Music Lovers
This Music Octopus Design

Music Octopus Pieladium Speaker
Music Octopus Pieladium Speaker by EdelhertDesignStudio
View other Drumming octopus Pieladium Speaker at

for visiting
our blog today...,

When you happen to be familiar
with our Edelhertdesignsstudio Online Storefront

and when you have had
a look at the

Phone Cases Collection
You might have noticed the Octopus,

This Drummer Octopus Design is Especially

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Did You See Our Valentines Gifts Collection?

This T-Shirt Is Just One Of the Products
In Our Valentine Gifts Collection

Sweet Valentine Red Heart Women's Raglan T-Shirt

Sweet Valentine Red Heart Women's Raglan T-Shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Have A Look At
The Rest Of Our Valentines Collection
In the - Direct Link - Here Below:

Gifts Collection

Follow Us
On Twitter:

EDS Twitter Page

(BTW when you like to read about a Symbol of
True Love you might like to check out

This Blog Post
about Frog Symbolism


You can still
VOTE for Best Cartoon
See previous blog post

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Digital Photography Lighting,
Instantly Making It Look Professional

Digital photography can be maximized to its full potential once
you have the perfect camera, the proper color and the perfect lighting.
Even if you have with you the latest model of digital camera,
your photos will not alway's turn out great if

Monday, January 16, 2017

Edelhert Design Studio sent you a Collection: Photo Gifts Collection

Great for Valentines Day! Brand New collection with Photo Gifts Photo Gifts Collection by Edelhert Design Studio
Shop Create Sell Zazzle Sign in to Zazzle View Your Cart Items
Check this out!

Great for Valentines Day! Brand New collection with Photo Gifts

Photo Gifts Collection

Photo Gifts Collection

by Edelhert Design Studio
View Collection

Share this Collection!

Find more at Zazzle.

At Zazzle, you can:
Shop billions of unique custom products.
Create t-shirts, business cards, invitations, custom gifts, and more.
Sell products and make $$$.

Friday, January 13, 2017

It's Time For New Ideas!

How About This Funny
Bubbling Bunny Cartoon Clock
For Your Bathroom?

Bubbling Bunny Square Wall Clock Customizable
Bubbling Bunny Square Wall Clock Customizable
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Recently we had this clock as
a 'Guest Post' on:
So I thought: 'Let's also put it on our own BlogSpot'
as you can see here above.

Your Comments Are Welcome:

It would be great to see your
Comments about how you like the design

In our Online EDS Store you can also discover
a great matching Shower Curtain
when you have a look at our

Shower Curtains

P.S. there frequently are interesting
Special Offers you can check out!

Follow Us
On Twitter:

EDS Twitter Page

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Or check out the,

Comments & Replies
from other readers or the...,

Sunday, January 1, 2017

--->>> Welcome on this Blog, and discover exciting..,
Fruitful Fun Photo Ideas,

Exciting Blog posts & More!!!,

Featured Posts:

10 Great Photo Tips, Discover Stock Photography, Bloggers Want Your Photo's!, Create Your Own Greeting Card Line, Create Personalized Photo Gifts,

DISCOVER: FUN Picture Frame Keychain,
Take a Spare Memory Card & - Battery with You!!!,
Carefull Lighting, Photo Memory Cards,
Photo Competitions, DISCOVER Other Great Photo Frame Ideas!!!, - Photography Magazines, What To Do With Rejected Stock Photo's???, Making Promo Photo's, Sending eCards & Amazing Discoveries:, eCards,
Discover The Greeting Card Market!!!, >>, >> Easliy Find: Hotels >>, Sunglasses, >>, Travel Bags,
Simply Scroll Down to find out more....,

New Posts:

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(P.S. at the end of all these new posts you can also Discover Even More Recently Posted Posts,
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