Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Talking About DEER Photos, Do You Remember
This Great Looking (e)CARD ? ? ?

As I wrote about in our very Recent Blog post titled:

Some of the Photos We Took At Vierhouten,

As you know we frequently take photos from DEER, we also made some
of those photos for Products, here below you see a
special type of DEER a Fellow DEER,

The link to the Fallow DEER (e)Card again:

Fallow DEER Birthday Card


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Some of the Photos We Took at
Vierhouten Forrest

As you could see in some of our Previous Blog posts

We frequenly Go To Many Places for Inspiration and also
made Photos from Deer before,
This time also.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Digital Camera ideas: SELL FUN Gifts
You Can Make with your Digital Camera.

FUN Gifts as
Digital Camera Ideas:

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

Some time ago (14 January) I wrote a post about how you can
turn your Digital Camera Photo's into Great FUN Gifts.
As you can read all about in the Post titeld:

how to turn your digital camera photos into Great FUN Gifts

You can also for example read about how
you can make your own Greeting Cards
See the Designs we created ! 

Also see our Brand New 

DIY Postcards ! ! !

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Discover Limited Time Offers And
How You Can (Also) Send
Our Cards As E-Cards ! ! !

      DISCOVER Great 

Limited Time Offers TODAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

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with such big discounts,

If NOT, read on anyway…., and if possible do some SOCIAL SHARING telling 

Friends about our CARDS, and about our other Designs - ON - Products.  

Discover Our Colorful Nature Inspired:


Greeting - & Post Cards:

Look At Our EDS Post- & Greeting Cards and 

Our EDT Cards!
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Tell Friends About Our Designs  - ON - Products!  

and Discover How You Can Send Our Card Designs as eCards:

When you want to show friends our Designs - ON - Products you can do this by simply
Sharing the Product Image via Email, (or via other SOCIAL SHARING) 

For example when you want to tell them about our
Great Looking Specially Designed


Colorful Daffodils Spring Flowers Legging:

Daffodils Spring Flowers Legging

Or if you want to tell them about

the great looking Brand New:

Than you can easily send such a PAGE
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We also have many other products to Choose from See More Spring Flower Designs 
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Since Our Card Designs are Designs - ON - Products as well, you can also
Share Our Cards via Email and Send our Cards as eCards, 

                                             (for example when you are to late
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                             Look At Our EDS Post- & Greeting Cards and 

Send Our Specially Designed Cards: 

Many of our own Friends and - YOU -  reading this, already are familiar with our Designs - ON - Products like our Specially Designed Cards, and we also frequently use our own Design Cards
our selves to send nice Quick Birth Day Messages to Friends by sending them as E-Cards. 

                                          See how it works: 

Discover the
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It Goes without saying that you can also Buy seveal - REAL CARDS - so that you
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This Is One of Our Great 

HAPPY Birthday 

PHOTO Postcard Designs: 
Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard
EDS Birthday Postcard Grey Heron

Look At Our EDS Post- & Greeting Cards and

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Holiday Cards 2018

Back Side of the Postcard

Here you can Write your own Personal Message 'the old fashioned way' 
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Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard
Back of Postcard with Scannable QR-Code

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This is one of our Popular - Customizable

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Read more about Personalizing Gifts at
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Our EDT Cards!

 Also Check Out Our 
Photo Gifts Collection:

                      The Running Dog Cartoon is a - Place Holder Image -
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Photo Gifts Collection

Discover Many More Customizable Gifts in Our:

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See more of our

Also See Our Cards at 

Edelhert Design TRAVEL: 

See Our EDT Cards!

Example of a Recently Sold
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Green Lorikeet Happy Birthday Cust. Postcard

Read more about
Bird Photograpphy

and about Our Bird Designs

Learn more about how you can Sell You Own Card Designs in a Webstore Online!

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Simply Click On the LABELS of your Choosing
Near the Social Media Buttons here below:

Read More Interesting New Blog posts Soon….., 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Create Your Own Digital Camera Made
Greeting Card Line!

An other Exciting

Digital Camera Idea for you!

How about.....,

Creating your own Postcards or Greeting Cards

What To Do with
Your Rejected Digital Photo Stock Photo's....???

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

'As you might already read
on this blog....,'

As You Probably Know, a Tablet
Is Great for Easily Browsing Your (Stock) Photo's....,

Sunday, August 25, 2019

How to turn YOUR Digital Camera Photo's
into Great Ideas for FUN Gifts!

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today, 

To discover 

             How to turn YOUR Digital Camera Photo's
             into Great Ideas for FUN Gifts!

Or simply look at our
Highly Special Nature Inspired Gifts ! ! !

No doubt you have seen them, things like Notepads,



Coffee Mugs 


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

10 Great Tips for taking Story Telling Pictures
with your Digital Camera

Photography Tips:

While surfing the web I found a great video with some great tips
for taking pictures with your Digital Camera,

This might give you some interesting ideas for making

Friday, August 9, 2019

Your VOTES Please,
Plenty of Room for NEW VOTERS ! ! !

We Submitted a Photo For a Billboard Photo Contest,

besides the White Rose Photo (BTW we also have an other photo of a Rose on a Pillow as recently selected on the Daily Rainbow), we also have an other great looking photo
that we ourselves selected for this particular contest. (since we also
have it as a design on many products already,

(you never know if it will help us catch some additional attention 
for our special Sámara Beach Photo and the Products we have put it on!)

See the Photo we Submitted in the Link below:

We need 250 Votes, to get to the next round,

So we still have plenty of room for new Voters ! ! ! :)

It would be great when we get - YOUR - Vote…,

And especially for you - BIG SNEEZERS - to also Share this Tweet with
YOUR Twitter followers ! ! !

A good chance that you will recognise our contest 
photo from some of the Products we have this Photo on.

We even have it on a Shower Curtain ! ! !

And on many other products as you can see on 

Page 20 of our YEARBOOK 2018

That way bringing Nature inside your home as
you can also read about in
a Recent (Re)tweet on our Twitter page,

See many more Shower Curtains on 

Page 27 or our YEARBOOK 2018

Sàmara Beach Shower Curtain

See Several other Products we have this Photo On

The Link again: 

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog Today!

Hello - Nature Lover - and Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
Thanks for being on this blog again...,

On This Blog You Can Read Great Digital Camera Ideas and
about some more 'Behind the Scene Creation'.

Have a Look At Our:

PHOTO GIFTS Collection

A Few Examples of Our - PHOTO GIFTS -
Look for All at This Link

On All our PHOTO GIFTS you can Add - Your Own Photo - in our Template(s)!

Gift Center
"TODAY is a Gift that's why they call it the Present!"

Have a Look - TODAY - (and Beyond) At Our Collections of:

And the - GIFT Collections - from the PEACOCK,
PHOTO GIFTS, TRAVEL Gifts, BOA Gifts, Selected Gifts, Business Gifts
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Fruitful Fun Photo Ideas,

Exciting Blog posts & More!!!,

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