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I do like Winning Contests, not only in Sports also in other
areas like for example winning
"Movie Awards" and also obviously

Photo Contests! 

Have you ever entered any contests? waiting for

the results to come in...? 

For Example we Once 


In the TOWN GUIDE Photo Competition!!!!

And Participate in other Contests Regularly, make photos for Our Blog(s), for Photo Exhibitions, for Aniversary Photo (Collage) Gifts,

We also have many Photos/Designs for


And we frequently have many Great Looking Photo (collages) on our
Highly Follow worthy

                                  TWITTER Page ! ! !

We already did Write about our

                                    First Prize Photo

In the blog post titled:


Great Result in Photo Contest!

(also see our (News) Tweet)


The Town Guide Online!

It Got on the Front Cover for real!

When you click on the link in the Box below,

You can even Browse the That Particular Town Guide Online.

Besides Our Photo on the Front Cover You can also see
some of our other submitted photos


See For Yourself, which of the Photo's from that Town Guide

You Like the Most?


On Front Cover and on pages 1, 23 and page 26

See Our Photo's in

the Online TOWN GUIDE 2018

You can Easily Browse this Online Town Guide
'Flipping the Electronic Pages' with the Arrows
to discover the Cover Page Photo we made,
and some of our Other Photos they used.


You can See Many More of our Photos in
An other Great - Online - Guide You can Browse.....,

'Drum Roll '

Our Own Online YEAR BOOK

Also see this other Previous Yearbook

That you can also Easily Browse by Clicking the Arrows,

In this Online Year Book you can discover Many of our Special 
Colorful Nature Inspired Photos and Designs
with also -- FASCINATING Info -- about,

* Developements,
* Behind the Scene Photos, and

Background Stories!

Here is an Example from a Great Looking Photo 

         that You can discover
         on our Twitter Page:

Some Other Contests

We Participated In:

Here Below One of The (TWO)
Photos that Got Selected for
The Tulpenroute Flevoland 2018
Photo Competition Website:

See This and Our Other Photo On the Competion Website
(You can Scroll Down a little
                                          to see Our (TWO) Photos)

Here Below a Photo
From 'Our Journey' during making the Photos:

ROOTS Nature Photography Contest 2018

(Thanks for Placing
- Your - Re-Tweets and Likes!!!)

In our previous

Nature Walks in Winter You Like!

you have seen a photo of a Buzzard,

This is ONE of the Photo's we submitted for a Photo Contest at

You can look at them individually
at the links here below:

The Buzzard


Black Birds

TWO of our other BIRDS Submissions:
Look at them indivisually:



Thanks for YOUR VIEWS & LIKES, and for

Only for actual Voting you have to sign up first,
So you can also simply make a TWEET,
by clicking the well known....,


You Hear Birds In Music:

You can read more about it in
a blog post titled: >Birds Music Composition


The WNL Frans Lanting Photo Award

Dieren Door De Verrekijker

See Our
Other WNL Frans Lanting

Photo Award Submissions Online!

(Also See Photo in the Right Side Bar

right under - SCOTT - the Dog)

Winnaars WNF Frans Lanting Photo Award


Also see our Submissions for

The Tulpenroute-Dronten Photo Competition 2017

The TWO Photo's That Got Selected

to get on their web-site

Read About the Visit To the Prizegiving

(Thanks for Placing
- Your - Re-Tweets and Likes!!!)

(Also See Link to Tweet)


Tulpenroute-Dronten Photo Competition 2017

they made a Selection of Photo's

to put on their website,

 They Selected

TWO of Our Photo's!

I am very curious about what Photo you like the most,

You can have a look at both of our Photo's at the link here below:

(and photo's of other contestants)

Photo Competition Selection 1
Photo Competition Selection 2

Read More About the Prizegiving

You can read more about
Tulips in the Noord-Oost Polder

in our
Previous post

Sea of Flowers During The Tulips Tour

In the Reclaimed Land Noord-Oost Polder


Some of the Designs

we made from it:

Hoe Do You Like the Ones Here Below...?


Red Tulips Field Flip Flops

Red Tulips Field Flip Flops

by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Tulips Field Zipz Low Top Shoes

Red Tulips Field Zipz Low Top Shoes

by EdelhertDesignStudio

And The One Here Below...?

Red Tulips Field Legging

Red Tulips Field Legging

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Also Check Out This Great Looking
Pen & Customizable Notebook!!!

Pen & Cust. Notebook

Taking your Photo Competitions
to a Higher Level

Just as with Writing, to be able to get
recognition for writing, it can be practical to
Keep track of the Competitions you Submit to
as you can read about in a post titled:

How Do You Track
Your Progress & Submissions?

As you can see in previous posts
you can do Photo Competitions
as a great way to get recognition
for your Photography.

When you really want to get creative with your Photo's
You might consider to use special Software:
You can for example edit your photo's and
make them into designs for products like
Our own Phone Case designs
you can discover in the

Comic Animal
Phone Cases Collection

Did You Know that we Wrote an E-Report
About Making Money with Your Digital Photography..??!

See E-Report SAMPLES! 

FOUR Great Reasons to opt in
for a Digital Camera:

1. Convenience. Aside from the fact that digital cameras
are easy to use since they are user friendly, these cameras are also portable and
you can just safely place it in your pocket anywhere you go.

2. Saves you time and effort. Digital cameras provide
instant feedback once you take photos.
It has a review button to let you view
all the photos so you'll be able to choose the best ones, while deleting the ones you don't like!
Besides you can also easily Print, Modify or Edit your Photo's anytime.
You can find two popular Photo Editing software packages at the left side
of this blog - scrolling a little down - under the title: 'Some Great Photo Editing Software.)

3. If you want to put up a small business, then
your digital camera will be of great help to powerfully let your creativity work.
Digital photos cannot just be simple photos. Now, you can turn them
into T-shirts, mugs, invitations, greeting cards, calendars and a lot more. This is
for the fact that digital photos can be printed anywhere and in anyway.

Just make use of the right photo paper, and surely, you can make lots of money from it.
(If you are interested in making money with your digital camera
you definitely want to have a look at the left side of this Blogspot
titled: 'MAKE MONEY with your Digital Camera, and find out all about a great FREE Report ,
that will give you some great insights into the world of Stock Photography!!!)

4. The ability to share the photos you have with
your loved ones and relatives.
You can simply give a copy of the precious
moments to someone everywhere. Just attach the softcopy of the photo to your email and send.
That easy. But with film camera, you will spend money just on scanning the photos,
to be able to send them online. (Talking about sending or sharing photo's online
on the left side of this Blog under the title:
'Look & Share Photo's' you can find an interesting link
of a special service that you can use for sharing your Photo's)

Apparently, digital photography has really paved way for making photography convenient
and easier at the same time achieving high quality photos.

It just shows that there's no other time to opt
to digital photography than now

(Btw. You can find a Most Popopular Posts list
in the side Bar here on the Left....,)

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog Today!

Hello - Nature Lover - and Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
Thanks for being on this blog again...,

On This Blog You Can Read Great Digital Camera Ideas and
about some more 'Behind the Scene Creation'.

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