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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Ginkgo Leaves
Nature Inspired Designs!

(you can read more about - Frogs - at: and on our
Travel Blog in a blog post titled:
Isn't This Frog Cute )

Designs We Made
from Ginkgo Leaves 

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Here above you see this Autumn Yellow Ginkgo Leaves Nature Inspired Design on
the Clothing here below you see Green Ginkgo Summer Leaves.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

Women's Basic Hooded Sweatshirt

Green Colored Leaves Pattern, 

Leaves Silhouette

by EdelhertDesignStudio

                                      Women's All-Over Print Racerback Tank Top

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Legging

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Legging

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Low Top Shoes

Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pattern Low Top Shoes

by EdelhertDesignStudio

See ALL CLothes & Shoes

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Using High Tech To Breathe
New Life Into Old Drawings

Sitting Dog Cartoon

Recently I had a look at some things I have
stored in my garage storage space, and In
an old Sketchbook of mine I did discover
several dog drawings, I made a study out of
looking at dogs,

When you study dogs for a while

I swear that you also will actually get to
know What Dogs are Thinking About!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Great CHRISTMAS Gift Idea: BLUE Hydrangea with white Border Serving Tray

Hello Digital Camera-Ideas Photography Enthousiast,
great to have you on this blog again today,

When you read about our

Stylish Bright Blue for Christmas you defintitely also

like to have a look at this!

                                    Printed in full color, blue and white floral pattern

It is a Great CHRISTMAS Gift Idea! 

You Probably already are familiar with Blue Hydrangea, you probably
have seen them frequently, in gardens everywhere!

                     Only this one is different this one has a - White Border -
                     and is one of our Most Popular Designs ! ! !
Hydrangea Serving Tray

Sunday, November 18, 2018

for Christmas!!!

We love Hicking and,

Did you know that we also
recently started again with our

And guess what we also do.., 

When walking, we frequently make
Photos along the way
, we are Passionate about our Digital Photography
and we make special effort to make great looking Photos
for things like Our Special Designs On Products,
Photo Competition Submissions
and Photos for the Photo Collages for our

 #Naturewalksinwinter Series, that we have
on Our Twitter Page and,

like for example this Great Looking Blue Corn Flower
you can see here below for our Inspired by Nature Series that we also
have on Our Twitter

                                  (as you can see Beauty is Everywhere for Nature Lovers)

Excellent - Bright Blue - Gifts
for Christmas!

Already getting Curious…?

O.K. Drum Rolls,

We Not only Have Beautiful bright blue color
Corn Flower Photos, we also have great
Bright blue in our

Peacock Gifts Collection

Like for example our

Popular Perfect Christmas Gifts;

Perfect Christmas Gift Nr. 1

Peacock Feathers Bright Desk Business Card Holder
Peacock Design Card Holder Christmas Gift

Peacock Feathers Bright Desk Business Card Holder

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Holds Approximately
30 Standard Business Cards

Perfect Christmas Gift Nr. 2

Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock
Peacock Design Clock Christmas Gift

Lightweight but solid, 

and, last but definitely not least 

Perfect Christmas Gift Nr. 3

Peacock with Feathers Keepsake Box
you see here below:

Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box
Peacock Design Keepsake Box Christmas Gift

Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box

by EdelhertDesignStudio

This is High Quality, Interior Lined with black velvet-like fabric,
Mahogany - colored Wood, a Treasure for Keepsake Moments! 
                    To hold your Watches, Jewlery, Photos and other Trinket.

Will be Treasured by the Recipient, as one of

                  The Most Precious 

                                   -  CHRISTMAS -  Gifts ever!

Black Friday is Approaching....., 

See More
Peacock Design Gifts

Also See Our Most Recent Peacock Designs!

NOT a Peacock design and also
Great Bright Blue is our Blue Hydrangea with White Border Service Tray that you
definitely must see! 

Have a Look at it in this blog post titled:

Blue Hydrangea
with white border

See other Great CHRISTMAS Gift Ideas;

See ALL Our Newest Designs!


For example see this
Celebrity Blue Eyes Cat!

                                           (Thanks for
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Thursday, November 15, 2018

ZOO Puzzles:
Beautiful Christmas Gifts
for Naturelovers

Amazing Looking ZOO Photos on Puzzles! 

You might wonder what - kind - of Puzzles we have, 

We have made Designs for

TWO kinds of Puzzles,

1) Big Ones: 20" x 30" with 1014 pieces

2) Acrylic Ones: 8" x 10" with 60 pieces

And you might wonder - what -
Great Wildlife Photography ZOO Puzzles we have for you……? 

See one of the Examples here below: 
Zoo Puzzle: Cute Giraffe Face Jigsaw Puzzle
Giraff Photo Design Puzzle Christmas Gift

Zoo Puzzle: Cute Giraffe Face Jigsaw Puzzle

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Colorful Nature Inspired Design, ZOO Wildlife Photography,
Puzzle with great quality Giraffe Face Photo, well fitting pieces.

We took these Giraffe Photos in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

(Thanks for Placing

- Your - Re-Tweets and Likes!!!)

More Beautiful
ZOO Photo Puzzles for Christmas Gifts: 

Black Friday is Approaching....., 
You can See More Examples,

From other ZOO Puzzles with for example a

Toucan Face or a Penguin Face


Also SEE Our;

Christmas Holiday Collection

from our Edelhert Designs Studio (EDS
(or Great Gifts from our Edelehert Design Travel store (EDT)

We have Highly Special CHRISTMAS Gifts
for amung others, Creative Music Makers, Photographers, Travelers, Writers, 
and Foodies!

Thanks for having a look on our Highly FOLLOW Worthy Blog Today!

Hello - Nature Lover - and Digital Camera-Ideas Enthousiast,
Thanks for being on this blog again...,

On This Blog You Can Read Great Digital Camera Ideas and
about some more 'Behind the Scene Creation'.

Have a Look At Our:

PHOTO GIFTS Collection

A Few Examples of Our - PHOTO GIFTS -
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On All our PHOTO GIFTS you can Add - Your Own Photo - in our Template(s)!

Gift Center
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